direct deposit on Cash App

Cash App Direct Deposit

Cash app recently introduced a new feature of direct deposit. This feature facilitates users to get their paychecks and other deposit directly into their cash app balance. Enabling a direct deposit is very easy. To enable direct deposit you have to give the details of account and routing number to your employer in the chat settings, you will get a notification when direct deposit will occur. The direct payment service is operated by Lincoln bank. The bank provides an account number and routing number to Cash app customers.

Enable Direct Deposit On Cash App

Follow the given process to enable direct deposit.

Step 1- Click on the balance tab on the home screen.

Step 2- Select “cash”.

Step 3- Scroll down and find “Direct deposit” option.

Step 4- Get the details of the account number by tapping.

Step 5- Select “Enable account”.

Step 6- Copy the routing number and account number in a file and share this detail with the payroll department of your employer. Note- You must have a valid cash card for direct deposit.

Note:- You must have a valid cash card to Set up a Cash app direct deposit.

Benefits Of Cash App Direct Deposit

  • Set up Cash app direct deposit simpler than any other peer to peer payment services.
  • It provides an easy option for Employers to pay their employees, all they need is an account number and routing number.
  • Employees get a notification when funds transferred into their accounts.
  • Fund transferred is appeared as a normal cash app balance. Users can transfer the fund or withdraw using a cash card.
  • With this feature with cash, the card enables users to use the cash app as the fully functioned bank.

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